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Wormholes 3

So it has been a while since wormholes has been touched. Wormholes is an experimental plugin, and there has been little time to work on it lately. But I do have a bunch of ideas for a rewrite to improve it many, many ways. Reliability There have been a lot of issues when it comes to reliability. One example is that sometimes wormholes doesnt clean up certain areas of the portal, and some clients end up seeing chunks of ghost blocks. This is a difficult problem to solve, but I feel with a new renderer and better checking it can be solved. The other issue is when portals do not persist, this is tricky but once again, a new system could be built around this issue to prevent it from happening. Performance Wormholes is not too terribly bad for what it actually does, but I feel that it could be massivley improved, to allow for much bigger projections, and more portals without the massive costs of using them on populated lobbies. Overall Would it be a good idea to rewrite wornholes? I need to finish gloss first, but I think a rewrite could be awesome! Fill the poll out so we know!



Knowledge Base

Figured we should add all of the documentation for software and other help topics here like before. For starters we've added the following categories React Wormholes Gloss More will be added as content fills the existing categories up.



Hello There!

The new volmit site is under construction and will be finished soon! We have some plans for a better forum, documentation and support tickets! Be sure to sign up and stay up to date for new stuff, such as gloss!



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