Gloss - Open for Beta Testing!

Gloss is the next plugin from volmit, allowing you to add a little gloss to your server. Gloss consists of the following core features

Legendary Holograms
Holograms that are always readable from any position you look from, these holograms are 100% packets. There are no real armor stands, so no plugin or game mechanic can interact with them as normal holograms have. These holograms are also emit light allowing you to clearly see them at night.

Shine, Glow & RGB Chat colors are supported in holograms
Holograms can be moved easily from place to place
Click links directly on a hologram

Flashy Boards
Gloss Boards are scoreboards which animate at 60fps without flickering at all. This is done by using entity scores instead of how other scoreboard plugins do it (fakeboards). Because of this, you can support all sorts of movement and animation on your scoreboards.

Shine & RGB Chat colors are supported in boards
Have multiple boards with a default one, plus permission based defaults
Edit the board file and watch it hotload into the game

Impressive Tablist
Use all of your existing placeholders and gloss animations/emojis to create animated headers and footers in your tablist. Full tablist support will be added through the beta phase.

Flexible Animations
Define your animations via json configs. You can then set the target framerate and playback order. Animations support emojis, all the formatting codes (vanilla and gloss) and can be used anywhere!

Emojis Everywhere
You can use all of the default utf emojis supplied by default in gloss, and even add your own. Emojis can be used everywhere including chat. You can even use tab complete with emojis.

Beta Access
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