Gloss 1.204

No permission to download
* Fixed exceptions
* Actually a copy from a scheduled spigot release
* Fixed several issues with holograms
* You can now shift + left click a hologram to get its book if you have the gloss.holograms.edit permission
* Hologram links now accept commands (they are run as the player who clicked them using their permissions)
* Fixed an issue where cached (invisible) holograms were actually ticking and accepting events
Fixed a bunch of things
* Updated Mortar api to add support for particles on all versions (1.8-1.13.2+)
* Added /gloss version command
* Added /gloss vdebug (visual debugging) not used yet
* Major improvements to hologram positioning and less glitches overall
* /gloss reload now actually reloads the plugin. Please report any problems if you have any with this.
* Holograms stop updating when players are within their range but cannot see them (you have to be looking at the hologram for it to update). You wont notice this effect unless you are in 3rd person.
* 1.13 particles
* Other various issues from version to version
* Added blanket nms support for 1.8 (requires mortar 1.0.21 or higher)
* Fixed several messages sent to players while on 1.8 (you cant press f if you cant dual wield)
* Fixed 1.8 startup bugs
* Fixed 1.8 event registry
* Fixed various NPE errors
* Bandwidth reductions (except for 1.8)
Likes: Ethan
* Major api improvements
* Reduced bandwidth usage by 120% for holograms!
* Registered /emoji as a command (alongside /gloss emoji)
* Fixed exceptions on 1.11.2
* Improved /hologram line
* Changed the default board text to reflect new features and commands
* Improved Gloss Caching & What it caches
* Caching info moved to status command
* Several startup fixes
* Fixed additional issues with book formatting
* Corrected the help info on new holograms
* Improvements to filters
* <blank> is auto-added to books with empty pages
* Hologram files now hotload if modified
* Allow for <blank> to be used in hologram books for editing new blank lines
* Fixed issues with book formatting showing color codes instead of raw
* Added performance information in /gloss status
* You can now use /gloss holo OR /holo depending on other plugins you have (same for /board)
* Fixed weird hotloading errors