GamemodeSwitcher 1.0

GamemodeSwitcher is extremely lightweight and very simple. It allows you to change your gamemode with keyboard combinations. There is only one command for knowing the key combinations, and one permission.

Command /gsw
The gsw command simply allows you to check what gamemodes you can currently switch to (depending on the gamemode you are currently in).

Permission gsw.use
The gsw.use permission allows you to switch gamemodes and use /gsw in the first place. Since this plugin's sole purpose is to easily switch between all gamemodes, only give this permission to administrators (or those who are allowed to change their gamemode to any gamemode)

Note: There are no gamemode specific permissions
Switching Gamemodes
Switching gamemodes is fairly easy to grasp. Depending on the gamemode you are currently in you will switch to a different gamemode.

While in creative, you can switch to survival (F + F) or switch to spectator (SHIFT + F + F). If you double tap F, you will now be in survival in which case you can now switch between Creative and adventure.

  • F + F (change gamemode categories)
  • SHIFT + F + F (change to other gamemode in same category)
It's easier to understand ingame, just use /gsw to see what you can switch to.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or features come chat with us on discord

Note: GSW should work perfectly fine on 1.13, however I have not tested it yet.
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