BileTools 1.6

BileTools is a tool I needed to create for developing other plugins and testing them quickly. I felt that there was no need to manually load plugins in after i just compiled them, or constantly have to reload them, or the server. BileTools helps with this by detecting changes in plugin jars and automatically reloading them. I cant imagine developing and testing plugins without it anymore.

NOTE: BileTools works by unloading and loading jars which involves messing with bukkit's classloaders, commands and other nasty things. This is intended to be used in a development environment where if something does go wrong, rebooting the server is not as big of a deal. Don't use this in a production environment.

  • Load, Unload, and Reload plugins just like plugman
  • Plugins added into the plugins folder are "hot-dropped" or loaded automatically
  • Plugins modified are automatically reloaded (think re-compiling directly to your plugins folder)
  • Plugins are backed up into a library folder (in biletools data folder). You can "uninstall" or "install" plugins in/out of the plugins folder without loosing the jar.
There is only one permission: bile.use Root command is /bile
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